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Tips for Effective Co-parenting After Your Divorce

Getting a divorce means that you and your ex must find new ways to parent your children and ensure they grow up to be healthy, happy and well-adjusted adults. While this may seem like a big challenge, take solace in the fact that countless divorced parents have done this successfully. Through effective co-parenting, you can Read More

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What Are the Grounds for an Annulment in Florida?

Rather than getting a divorce, some couples opt to seek an annulment. This differs from divorce in that it not only ends the marriage, but it also treats the marriage as if it never happened in the first place. In essence, it wipes the slate clean — at least in the eyes of the state. Read More

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How Court Orders Can Help You Collect Child Support

If you are owed child support and the payor fails to keep up with his or her obligations, it can have a hugely negative impact on you and your family. All parents have a legal responsibility to provide financially for their kids. Failing to do so is an abdication of that responsibility — and it Read More

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Does Child Support Also Cover College Tuition and Expenses?

Regardless of your marital status, you have a legal obligation to provide financial support to your children. This responsibility lasts until the child becomes a legal adult and is capable of being self-sufficient. For divorced parents, this usually means that a noncustodial parent provides the other with monthly support payments to cover their children’s cost Read More

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Key Facts Related to Divorce in Florida

Are you preparing to file for divorce in Florida? You may be wondering where exactly to start and what you need to know about the process. To give you some help, we’ve compiled some key facts related to divorce in Florida: Grounds for divorce: Florida is a no-fault divorce state, which means you do not Read More

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Filing for an Uncontested Divorce in Florida

For most people, getting a divorce causes at least some level of stress and anxiety. Divorce has a reputation for being a long, drawn-out and contentious process. That’s certainly true in some situations, but in others, Florida’s uncontested divorce laws allow you to move through the process in a relatively quick and stress-free manner. Not Read More

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Can Adultery Be a Factor in a Florida Divorce?

In Florida, as in all states that allow no-fault divorce, a couple does not need to provide a reason for getting divorced to move forward with the process. They can simply state that there has been an irretrievable breakdown of the relationship. Still, if one spouse cheated on the other, that fact can play a Read More

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How Does Remarriage Affect Alimony in Florida?

In Florida, courts may award five types of alimony, also known as spousal support. This is money one spouse pays to another as part of a divorce decree, usually when one spouse makes significantly less money or has fewer assets than the other. These include the following: Temporary alimony: This is awarded when one of Read More

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What to Know About Child Custody and Relocation in Florida

When a couple with children gets divorced, the parents must decide on child custody arrangements that specify both legal and physical custody. In most cases, this involves the parents sharing physical custody or one parent having primary custody while the other has regular visitation rights. Regardless of the specifics, a child custody agreement often means Read More

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How to Change Your Name in Florida

Are you interested in getting your name changed? In many cases, people change their names after a wedding or divorce, but you might have your own personal reasons to seek a name change. If so, what follows is an overview of what you need to know to accomplish the process in Florida. Social Security name Read More

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